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June 05, 2008



Some friends and I were on a road trip in Indiana last month, and we saw one of these birdhouses -- still in use!

Jim Dehner

Evan: i am the person that is looking for the Burger Chef bird houses. Can you tell me were in IN. , that you saw one of these.? Thanks and have a good day!!!! jim in INDY


There was also a larger "professional" version of these that were put in place as advertising. I can remember someone from Burger Chef coming to our house along US20 between Mishawaka and Elkhart around 1966 and offering my dad $35 if he would let them put it up at the edge of the yard closest to the highway.

Kenneth Pearson

Hello there, I did not see the Burger Chef that was in Wheeling WV. on 29th street listed here on your sight...

Sincerely ; Kenneth

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