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July 11, 2007


Duane Boda

Yeah...I know of one that appears to be in decent shape in Harvey Michigan which is just a few miles South of Marquette on U.S. 41 South of the Welcome Center and the Prison and North of the intersection of 41 and 28.
The guy is selling his house and I imagine you could buy the birdhouse separately.

Roger Poe

I have the large size in my front yard. It was given to me in pretty bad shape. We had to do paint and repair but tried not to change it much. The Michigan weather has worked on it. It probably should be repainted again.

Gloria Sparks

I am sending along a URL for our local paper which ran an article and picture about a Burger Chef birdhouse that was restored. It appeared in our paper this morning. The birdhouse has been on our property for at least 40 years and my sister's former boss restored it. Here is the URL:

Jim  in INDY

Hi: I am looking for plans for building a Burger Chef birdhouse. Any nhelp??/ jim in INDY

Todd Lucas

I saw one recently in a yard just north of Carbondale, IL on U.S. 51.

Jill Knott

I just purchased a jumbo Burger Chef birdhouse over the weekend. I've watched it and wanted it for 40 years. I finally stopped and made an offer. Mine for $10.00! It's never had any maintenance. It's not in terrible shape, but it's not in good shape, either. I'm interested in having it restored. Does anyone have any ideas? I live in Van Wert, OH.

jim in INDY

Hi: Looking for anyone that has a Burger Chef birdhouse. I am wanting to build a few of these , but I need a pattern to start with. Any help? Thanks and have a good day!!! jim in INDY

Jim Dehner

Hi: I am still looking for both styles of Burger Chef bird houses. I am in Indianapolis. Any help would be appreciated!!! jim in INDY [email protected]

Mark the birdhouse builder

If I had a really good picture or simple drawing/plans of one. I could make one and put it in my back yard. Do you know where I could get plans or detailed photos?

Kerry Thomas

These bird houses are a rare find, but I found and bought one in March of 2011 for $51 It is in very good condition, although it was outside for a number of years. It is the smaller Wren house, but would also love to have a large advertising model. My Wren house still has the original leather ties. Thanks to Burger Chef for creating a wonderful piece of history!

Dave Dolan

I still have two of the original Bird Houses, my Father, Art Dolan, owned four stores in Jackson, Michigan and I was the kid who had to go out and convince people to put them in their yards. I did all but two of which I still have.

Mark Bernhardt

Do you still have one of these birdhouses available? If not could you please tell me where I could get dimensions for a birdhouse? Thank you.

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