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January 02, 2007


Jordan Owen

These two pictures just made my day -- it's 1973 again and I'm with grandparents. Cheers.

Margaret Duhon

I used to eat this burger about 3 times a week. My mother was too lazy to cook. I collected the Fun Village Playland. Houses were on the Fun Burger boxes. A new house each week. The last house in the Series was the actual Burger Chef Bldg. It had a mat you purchased to put the houses on.

Margaret Duhon

I used to have a Burger Chef and Jeff Frisbee. It was neon green and I lost it at a ZZ Top concert in 1979 at the Riverside Centroplex in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Bill Ore

I remember when BC first started selling these. I was working at the Dumfries, Va. store at the time, and we sold tons of these. We had to fold some of the boxes ahead, because we sold so many during rush hours. The Funmeal came shortly after.


Some of us were just talking about the Funmeal box town on Flickr. Can't seem to find any pix of those boxes on the internet though.

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