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October 18, 2005


Roger  Poe

There were several Burger Chefs in Nashville, TN (Nolensville Rd., Dickerson Rd., Franklin Rd., Murfreesboro, Rd.) I was an assistant manager on Nolensville Rd. while I attended David Lipscomb Cillege.

Roger  Poe

There was a Burger Chef in Scottsboro, AL


I worked at Burger Chef in the early 80's: it was located on West Main Rd in Middletown, RI. It has been vacant for many years.

I still fondly remember the Fish Sandwiches and Mushroom Burgers.


Scott Johnson

There was a Burger Chef in Warren Ohio on the corner of Summit and Parkman roads. It became a Hardees...

Stu Johnson

Beltsville MD - Route 1 - just north of the USDA Research Park - it currently houses a Jerry's Sub shop. I remember it as the first fast food restaurant I ever went to that had kids meals.

Wendy Thompson

We had a Burger Chef in the 1970's. I used to love to top my own burger... tons of pickles. The building is now used as a community center.

Danny Champion

In 1971, I started working at Burger Chef in Rantoul, IL when I was a senior in high school. From 1972-1974, I was night manager at Burger Chefs in Mayfield and Murray, KY. In Septerber 1972, the Mayfield Burger Chef hired a 17 year old girl named Pam. We will celebrate 31 years of marriage next month. (By the way, she quit when I was named night manager - she said that there was no way she would ever work for me.)

Ron Evensen

I used to eat at a Burger Chef in St. Petersburg, Florida in the late 60s/early 70s. It was located near Northeast High School. Without being aware of this web site, and for no apparent reason, I recently remembered the "Big Chef" burger, which was one of my favorites back then. I recall that it was kind of like the Big Mac, with two burgers, secret special sauce, etc. That made me wonder: did Burger Chef come up with that concept before McDonalds and/or Frisch's Big Boy Restaurant? Or did Burger Chef copy it from one of them? Just curious.

Butch Schroeder

I am the owner and operator of Schroeder`s Drive-In in Danville, been doing it for 46 yrs. We were a Burger Chef until Sept. 1993 store no.57 We still serve the same B.C.food so if you are hungry come and see us. We were one the highest volume stores in the system. We still keep busy at 1,400.00@ yr. 217 446-1034


I worked at a BC in Decatur, IN in the mid 70s with my best friend. Many fond memories there--like after hours when we were done closing, riding the bottom of bun carts around in the lobby. It later became a Hardee's, then closed a couple of years ago. Now stands vacant. Was ALWAYS better than McDonald's.


In the summer of 1976, I worked at the Burger Chef located on Mobberly Ave. in Longview, Texas. It was my first real job and I was really happy to be working at my favorite restaurant. I spent a lot of time at the Route 66 location in Flagstaff, Arizona as a kid.

John Dennis

Like James Carson above, I too went to the BG in Springfield, Ohio in the early/mid-60s. It was 'cruisers row', with Bob's Big Boy, Toppers, McD's, Scotties, and so forth. Dedication Night on the local AM station was Friday.
Last time there in '83, they were all Gone.

Just Some Dude

I remember a Burger Chef restaurant at the corners of Old Route 31 (S 11th St.)and Main St in Niles, MI. We would stop by on our way from Grandma's house.

Greg Dudgeon

There used to be a Burger Chef on Lincoln Way, in White Oak, Pa. I remember this location fondly as a child. After it closed in the late 1970's, in stood vacant for a number of years, until it was torn down and a new building with professional offices (eye doctor, etc) was built on the site.

Shannon Quay

Wow, great site. I went to the Burger Chef on Telegraph and Plymouth Road in Redford, Michigan and also to the one on Joy Road and Middlebelt (I think that's Westland). To me, the cheeseburgers always tasted like the plastic bags they served them in! I also remember sneaking up there on my bike to get French fries. My dad's toolbox still has Burger Chef stickers on it that I gave him when I was a child. Wow, I hated the food there but it was so much fun. Also, I guess there weren't as many cheap dining options back then (1970s).

Karri Patrick

I love this site!

Another Warren, OH location: Elm road across from the Elm road drive-in...the drive-in still stands but the BC was torn down long ago. I can remember my parents taking us to BC then to the drive-in to see old Disney flicks in the 70's. Easily my absolute favorite hamburger...I loved how the plastic wrapper "steamed" the buns so they always tasted fresh.

Josh Kemp

I know of at least one former Burger Chef in Portland, OR.
An old Burger Chef building (one of the Cosmo II designs) still stands on the corner of SW 6th and College Downtown. It's currently a convenience store/deli place.

Steve Parris

I remember well the Burger Chef Twig Gravely (01/24/06)refers to in Roanoke, Virginia. During the late 60s I was "going to school" and playing in a local band, "The Reasons Why". My bandmates and I frequented that Burger Chef far too frequently! I remember the "Burger Boats" and how I'd order one every time I visited - then I'd pay for it in more ways that one! But ..it still brings back happy memories, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a site memorializing the old place! So what ever happened to Mr. Moes?!


Oconomowoc, WI
Wisconsin Ave.

This Burger Chef was a good place to work and I made many friends over the 5 years I worked there. Shortly after I had started working at Burger Chef around 1981 they made some changes to there menu that I liked. They changed the Top Shef and Super Shef and added the Mushroom Burger as a new item to the menu. All 3 sandwiches were now a 1/4 lb with the same kind of bun, they also made improvements to there fish sandwich. It must have been to late for these changes since not more than a year later they closed down. During my last three years there (1983-1985) it was converted into a Pleasers which had pretty much the same food except Breakfast was added along with several new items to the Dinner menu. I believe this Pleasers closed down sometime in the late 1980's.

Scott F

As a kid, my family and I frequented the Burger Chef in the Crompton section of West Warwick, RI. My older brother was an employee and manager there, and in 1983, I began my brief BC career. I was present for the Hardees conversion,but Hardees never really caught on here; it lasted maybe three years. The restaurant eventually became a "Pleasers" and then, under new ownership, an A&W. The building was demolished years ago, and a CVS Pharmacy is now on the site.

v. evans

I am looking for some of my friends that worked at a Burger Chef in Killeen texas in the late 60's (68-69) there were two --one located on highway 190 and the other on Fort Hood Rd-there were no papers/pens-everything was figured with a final total in your head-and orders called back to the cooks like 1 cheeseburger, 1 fry 1 monster--my first real job during my junior/senior year of the Killeen Kagaroos-back then my maiden name was jones--first valerie--anyone else worked there then???

Josh Kemp

I spotted two more former Burger Chef buildings while out and about in Portland, OR.
The first one is on SE Powell Blvd, east of 82nd Avenue. It's located between a strip mall and a former Taco Bell building (Taco Bell moved a few blocks down 82nd to Eastport Plaza). It's currently occupied by a place called Bubble World.
The second one is on SE 122nd Ave, slightly north of Division St, next to a Subway. It's a Cosmo II design, and is currently occupied by the Happy Garden restaraunt.

Matt Hancock

Born in 1970, I remember Burger Chef growing up as being the first restaurant to have a children's meal around 1976, called The Fun Meal, before McDonald's even had Happy Meals. They were the first place I remember to have bacon on cheeseburgers...three strips. The one I grew up knowing was a 1970's style standard design building, not a Cosmo II, located in Brownsburg, IN on Main Street, which later became a Hardee's, and not far from what used to be a KFC across the street. There was also a Burger Chef in Speedway, where the infamous Burger Chef Murders rocked Indiana back in 1978. I remember it being all over the news as a small kid. I still own a red Burger Chef Frisbee...has to be from the 1970s. Fond memories of the Big Shef, Super Shef, Top Shef sandwiches. In 2002, Hardee's brought back the Big Shef, the double decker that preceeded McDonald's Big Mac, and it had the sauce similar to what I remember, but there will never be any way to duplicate the old days.

margaret wann shock

I used to work at Burger Chef back in the 60's. It was located in Parkville, MD. It turned into an Arthur Treacher's and now is an KFC or Popeye's. I really enjoyed working there with my boss Stu Levin. Thanks for letting me reminise.


Matt Cunningham

There is a Burger Chef building in Pennsauken, Nj. Im pretty sure they plan to tear it down soon. It now is a seafood store.You can still see the metal on the roof that held up the Burger chef sign.

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