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October 18, 2005


Tom Potts

South Bend/Mishawaka/Elkhart IN

Mr. Keith Stone owned 2 Burger Chefs in South Bend, One in Mishawaka and one in Elkhart.
I worked at the store on Western Ave. in South Bend in the 60's. Tom Beeson was my first manager.

mike g

St. Louis. Corner of Broadway and Meramec. Its still a Hardees to this day.

Doug Easterly

There was a Burger Chef on Rt. 73 southbound in Marlton NJ. Used to do a brisk business on summer Saturday mornings as shorebound travelers who were on 73 south hung up at the light that was at the old Marlton Circle (now a flyover opened in 2011) stopped in. It went out of business I believe in the early 70s and was demolished soon therefter. It was just north of what was then a Two Guys and now is a Kohls. To this day, the site is empty.


What about the Burger Chef in West Springfield,Va..Lots of girls would hang out...WOW,great times..

Ed Ackerman

There was a burger Chef just out side Ft. Dix in Wrightstown NJ. Used to go there with my wife when I was stationed there. It's now a liquor store. There was another one in Hamilton Twp. NJ on Whitehorse Road across from the KMART shopping plaza.

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