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October 18, 2005


Kyle Calkins

There was a Burger Chef on Treasure Island Florida accross the street from the Fun Center.As young teens we would drive our boat up to the dock after a day of water skiing and go eat at Burger Chef.I remember getting a burger, fries and a coke for under 80 cents!The Good Ol Days!

Darrick Bowman

I worked at Burger Chef in Murfreesboro, TN for two years during 1970 and 1971. I worked the kitchen area plus the front line. Lots of fun in those days with a great group of friends. When I started, my pay was only $1.10 an hour. I remember the Super Chef, the Big Chef, the double hamburgers and cheeseburgers, the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla shakes, and the fish sandwich. I still have some "Free Big Chef" cards and an order pad amongst my memorabilia.

Donn & Jody

My wife and I were married in 1966, in Des Moines Iowa. We moved into a small apartment just east of Mckinley on Fleur Drive. Shortly after, Burger Chef constructed a new store directly across the drive from our apartment. we had no air conditioning so in the summer time, our open bedroom window caught all the good aromas from the burgers and fries. Many a nite one or the other of us could not stand it, so one of us would get dressed and walk accros the drive to get each of us a cheesburger,a fry and a pie. Those were the days. The restaurant and the apartment are gone now but were still together.


There was a Burger Chef in Baton Rouge on Plankd Road in the Woolco Shopping Center in the 70's. I was there.


I worked at a Burger Chef in Napoleon, OH from 1977-1978. I started at $2.65 an hour and worked with a group of really great people. Miss those times. My favorite was the Skipper Treats and the apple and cherry pies. Since the closing of the restaurant the building has been a laundromat and now a Welles Bowen realty.

Richard Beckett

I thought there was a Burger Chef in Glen Burnie, Maryland but cannot find any informatio about it. Help!

gary ingram

would like to know the post by retta on the youngstown burger chef in struthers if she knows when and what year that burger chef opened up. I lived down the street from there in 1963-1969. thanks


I loved to go to the Burger Chef that was on Wadsworth between 38th and 44th Avenues.

I remember that the food was fantastic. Oh, and I have a "Monster Fun Record", specifically "Transylvania's Big Game".

Oh, good times as a kid...


Aargh... that was on Wadsworth in Denver, CO!

Debbie from Peabody, Massachusetts

We used to eat our lunch after school at Burger Chef at least twice a week. It was located in Peabody Square which is downtown Peabody, Massachusetts. The next city over also had one and that is Salem, Massachusetts. Gosh what I wouldn't do to have a Big Shef right now. They were delicious. There is absolutely no other fast food restaurant with burgers' that can compare with the distinct and delectable taste of the good old BIG SHEF. So many of us baby boomers would love to see a Burger Chef again. I crave them ALL THE TIME.

Bob Doan, Hamilton,NJ 08619

Worked for BC in 1972 at the age of 15. Hamilton,NJ, S. Broad St. Across from Independence Mall. Great days! Would like to run into some of the other people that worked there back then. Paid better than delivering newspapers! We had another BC on White Horse Ave. Both Buildings still in use as other businesses.

Roger Allen Hofstra

Add this location, where I worked in 1966 and 1967;
1355 W. 28th St. Wyoming
(Grand Rapids) Michigan.
I worked there for about two years, and have fond memories about the excellence of the food, my co-workers, and the professionalism we were taught. I learned everything about the business. We made tartar sauce and french fries FROM SCRATCH. Everything was spotlessly clean, and we had the latest, most modern "model" store. I have been a soldier, teacher, nurse, bookkeeper
and piano teacher, but my job at Burger Chef has, by far, the fondest memories. No, I'm not crazy, just grateful for such a wonderful time working for the absolute best in food service in that time. I will always remember the PRECISE method of making french fries..remember how we used ice while soaking the potatoes....THE major secret for perfect fries....MickeyD's can NEVER touch that! Thanks for the opportunity to reminisce.

Randy Volz

My name is Randy Volz. My Burger Chef was a corporate owned location for which I see no entries thus far: 1818 Dempster St. in Evanston, Illinois.
It was two blocks south of Evanston Township High School which I attended, and we used to sneak over there and hang out during and after the school day.
Being regular faces there, my girlfriend Jeanne Werneski and I had become familiar with the staff there including the manager and his employee-wife, Dave and Linda Vieth, and after graduation we both got jobs there in the summer or fall of 1972. We also became very close social friends with Dave and Linda outside the confines of the restaurant. When Steve Bethel left the restaurant shortly after we joined, I was promoted to Assistant Manager relatively quickly.

Sadly, I have none, and am not aware of anyone who might have pictures of our old location. But what prompted me to start digging for info about B.C. online was that in the back of my closet, I came across a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee embossed with the images of Burger Chef and Jeff and the words “Burger Chef” stamped three times around the disk, which was a promotional gimmick from 1973, if I recall correctly

By 1972, to the best of my knowledge, we were the only BC left in the Chicago area. The next closest was in Rantoul in southern Illinois. Given the distance from corporate in Indianapolis, we would see a district manager about once every 4 months or so, and as long as our sales numbers were good, corporate pretty much left us alone. This made for a rather rowdy, undisciplined staff behind the scenes. Beer in the ice machine at all times, rubber band wars, touch football behind the building during slow times, etc. No question about it; Had we been hit with an unannounced visit from our Regional Manager, every single one of us would have been canned on the spot. But despite that backroom nonsense, we always maintained a spotless store and everything visible to the customers in our glass enclosed ’kitchen” was spotless and professional at all times. And our sales figures were always pretty good and we had a great rapport with the neighborhood.

B.C. gave up on their one remaining store in the Chicago market in, I believe, 1974. When he came personally to deliver the news that the place would be closing, Ron (maybe Ray?), our Regional Manager offered me the Manager’s position at the Rantoul store, and really pressed me hard to take the gig. But I was just 20 and it was 200 miles away from everything I knew. I wasn’t ready at that time to break from family and friends. Truthfully, I also wasn’t all that certain that the remote Rantoul store wouldn’t suffer the same fate within a year or so, and then I’d be stranded down there. So I turned the offer down.

Dave and Linda, along with a partner, Ray Tracz who also owned a Dairy Queen in Evanston, bought the location and re-named the place, conveniently enoough, Burger CHIEF. Unfortunately, without even the smattering of corporate guidance we used to receive, discipline nosedived and we pretty much wrecked the business. Dave and Ray eventually sold out to Peter Wrobleski and I accepted a position as interim manager and trainer at the same location which only lasted about 5 months, and then my incrediburgible life on Dempster Street was done for good.
Within a year, Peter had closed the location, and what we all considered inevitable finally happened: McDonald’s bought the lot and built there, and their store remains there to this day.

If anyone else from that store wants to get in touch to reminisce, fill-in my memory blanks, or just say “Hi”, I can be reached at: rv3554ATyahoo.com.

I would love to hear from you!


I remember the "Chef" cause I always complained that none of the others ever put enough onions, pickles, or tomatoes on my burgers to suit me. Sure enjoyed building my own at the Chef's especially when I was cross country traveling in my younger military days. Many was the time I drove out of my way to be able to eat at the Chef. Can't remember for sure but it seems like my last one was the north side of Nashville on my last trip to Chicago in the eighties. SURE MISS THEM!!!

Charles Albrecht t

I worked at Burger Chef in Delaware, OH for about 8 months in '64 & '65. The manager was Wayne Barlow. To this day Wayne made the best french fries I have ever eaten.


There was a Burger Chef in Shakopee, Minnesota on the east end of First Ave.

Doug Heiler

Burger Chef, Northfield, NJ - my second real job. Worked for Mr. Ed Briney and Mr. Ron Bosco. do not recall the owner's name but I believe his family owned 6 - 10 Burger Cgefs in New Jersey. My nickname - given by ed Briney - was Peanut. Perhaps someone wil see this and contact me to reminisce. [email protected] I learned a lot about life and work from Mr. Briney & Mr. Bosco. I worked there part-time of 1967 through 1969

Doug Wilcoxen

There was a Burger Chef located in Dolton Il. on Sibley Blvd. We used to cut class at Thornridge High School which was a block away and grab a burger and coke.

Gail Nordhaus

In high school (mid 70's) I worked at Burger Chef and Jeff in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I no wlive in Va. and we have many Hardys fast food chains.


I remember the Burger Chef in Freehold, NJ from the late 1960's. My mom and brothers and sisters would eat dinner, (I got a fish sandwich sometimes cuz I was the oldest) then walk through a path to the McCrory's dept store to pop a balloon for a banana split, then on to shop at the Freehold ShopRite. Good times...

Shannon williams

Always loved the fish w/salad, burger chef will always be missed

Shannon williams

Wow, 5 years since anyones posted here. our burger chef was in belleville illinois. The scary record was great. Haunted nights as a kid in mascoutah.

Andy Markopoulos

On Aug 5 2006 Margaret commented on Burger Chef. My Family followed Burger Chef and Opened Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips in that Location and 11 others in the Baltimore Area. Parkville location was our 2nd location of the 12 that we went on to open. Then in 1980, Mrs. Pauls Fish Stick company bought Arthur Treacher's Out and screwed us. By 1984, of the 980 Stores, only 100 remained standing. Parkville Arthur Treacher's closed in 1984. Visit my website at: www.tryourfish.com and find out more about Original Fish and Chips

Gail Phillips

My memories remain of the Burger Chef in Bedford, Indiana, on 16th Street, because I would eat there with my friends every day during junior high school. I still crave those burgers! Not only was the food great, but the memories of anticipation while walking to the restaurant, the smell of the food when I entered, and the first bite of that delicious hamburger just make me smile from the inside out!

george west

i worked at the hyattsville, md burger chef from 1968 to 1970 while in high school. if those walls could talk ha ha. i had some fun times there.

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