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October 18, 2005


Ron Heberlee


I remember two Burger Chef locations in Phoenix, one in Sunnyslope on 7th Street, and one on Camelback Road. People with no scruples would pile on from the salad bar, which was for the hamburger, but abuse the privilege and make a pile of lettuce and tomatoes 6 inches high on top the open hamburger. No wonder Burger Chef went of business. The location in Sunnyslope became a flower shop and the one on Camelback looked really strange. A new office building was built behind it, but connected, and the Burger Chef building was saved for some reason and used for an office.

Paul Nowasell

Marshalltown Iowa had one on South Center St.I believe it closed in the mid 80's. It's been home to a very successful national named Taco place. The guy that owned it had several other locations in Iowa. Pretty sure he had 1 in Iowa City, Waterloo, and also Des Moines. Food was always good, loved the Top Chef burger! And always the best looking girls worked there! I'm sure the New McDonalds hurt business a lot.

Bob Batchelor

We had a Burger Chef located on Street Road in Bensalem,PA. it is now a pizza restaurant and the building looks like a square box.

Tom Shaw

There was a busy Burger Chef just outside the main gate at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois. There were always plenty of airmen to keep the place jumpin'. I lived there from 1968-1970 and remember the architecture well. It had the elaborate sign out front with the Chef up top and "Burger Chef" on the turquoise oval. I even remembe the "fish sandwich" sign that hung beneath the "Shakes" sign. It had neon all over it, and it seems like the tungsten bulbs on the orange frame were animated, starting at the bottom and meeting at the top. Food was good, though there was plenty of competition — a Top Boy hamburgers and a Mister Donut directly across the street, and a Kentucky Fried Chicked with the rotating bucket sign a couple blocks away. Also remember a Griff's was built just out of town while we were there. I have a picture of a surviving Griff's in Sedalia Missouri, and a surviving Biff Burger here in Florida. I miss the many independent and small chain burger joints. Maybe it's time for a renaissance of the independents to challenge the giants.


Our Burger Chef in Magnolia, AR turned into a Johnny's Pizza and now I think its a Rent-Way rent to own store. Sad.


There was a Burger Chef on Rt 6 in Seekonk, MA. It is now a Burger King.


REALLY GREAT SITE! My Sister and I used to always go to Burger Chef in the early 70's, there was one on Joy Road between Merriman and Middlebelt. It converted over to a "BK", I think it's still there but any old building structure of "BC" is long gone. With businesses getting into "Retro" everything, isn't it time to bring back the "Chef!" Anyone know if the franchise is even avaiable???


My family went to a burger chef in triangle virginia. I remember the funmeals having toy cars. There was a special offer for a playmat with roads and such on which you could roll the cars around. I think that it became a Roy Rogers next. When they were sold it closed. Now it is a Dunkin Doughnuts.

Brian W.


I remember a Burger Chef in Bloomingon when I attended Indiana University in the late 70's. It was the first fast food restaurant in the area to introduce a salad/fixings bar. It was a unique concept at the time. It was so unique they did not consider all the ramification of food in the open. You can imagine my appetite vanished as I was waiting to "dress up" my burger when the person in front of me sneezed all over the food.

Duane Boda

I'm speaking on behalf of the Burger Chefs that existed in Northern Michigan
I know that the following towns had one.
1. Petoskey
2. Traverse City
3. Escanaba
4. Marquette
I'm almost 100% certain that these towns had one too.
1. Gaylord
2. Cadillac
3. Big Rapids
4. Ludington
5. Manistee
6. Cheboygan
And maybe? Alpena too...


I know of one in Kansas City, Ks on at 18th and Minnesota and one in Lawrance, KS (both from the 60's) and one in Olathe, KS (from the 70's)

Don't know the address of the last two.


Probably my first taste of fast food burgers was at the Burger Chef in West Hyattsville, Md at the corner of Ager Road and Hamilton Street. Spent many a lunch hour hanging out there as a Northwestern HS student in the early 60's. Still remember the great tasting double cheeseburgers and fries.

Roger  Poe

We had Burger Chef Stores in 1. Kalamazoo,MI (5 locations) (Lake St.,Riverview Dr., Douglas Ave., Westnedge Ave., and W Main St.)
also in
2. South Haven
3. Three Rivers
4. Greenville
5. Plainwell
6. Marshall
7. Charlotte
8. Hastings
9. Holland
10. Grand Haven
11. Grand Rapids (several)
12. Ionia
13. Big Rapids
14 Cadillac
15 Lansing (several)
16. Flint ( Ballenger Rd, Pierson Rd., Court St., Saginaw Hwy.)
17. Coldwater
18. Benton Harbor

Beth Downey

I found this site through "Test Pattern" on msnbc.com...how wonderful! We had a Burger Chef on West Jackson Avenue (next to Pizza Hut, by the old mall/Malco entrance, just past Country Club Road intersection across from the Fraternity Row campus entrance) in Oxford, Mississippi when I was real little; I was in Happy House Daycare and Kindergarten (before the state made K education mandatory) and we would get Burger Chef as a special lunch. Back then Oxford was so small that there was Burger Chef and Sonic...and that was about it. Getting our first McDonalds was a BIG deal! (of course, now there's two McDonalds, an Applebees, a Home Depot...we're becoming victims of suburban homogenization.) The Burger Chef closed by the time I was six or seven...it became a Mr. Gatti's Pizza, then the recently-closed "Buffalo Cafe" (can't recall whether it was the same building or not, but DEFINITELY the same site!) I miss the taste of a Burger Chef burger to this day, but Burger King comes kind of close.

My husband remembers one in Meridian, Mississippi...specifically screaming "I WANT BURGER CHEF!" at three or four years old to his mom in the middle of a restaurant!

Jeff Steele

There was a Burger Chef in Princeton WV in the 1970's, it was located on Stafford Drive, where the junior high school is now located. I remember going to the works bar and loading this huge burger up and I thought that was the coolest thing! Later the ad slogan involved Burger Chef and Jeff. Which was also cool since Jeff is my name... But sadly once McD came to town, it was the end of Burger Chef.

Twig Gravely

There was one and only one Burger Chef in my town, Roanoke, Va. It opened in the mid '60s at the entrance of a shopping mall that had radio towers coming up through it. Later a "Super Slide" was built behind the Burger Chef, owned by the franchisee. It was the traditional Kite design building, originally it had only the small walk in area in front to order from. Later it was enlarged with side areas for seating, and near the end a large addition was put on the front. In it's day, it was the best, but when Burger King and McDonald's arrived, it was all over.

Dave Ford

I currently have burger chef coffee mug in great shape. We had a Burger Chef in Columbus on Livingston Rd. We always refered to it as burger death. But we always ate there.

Sheila Greenhalgh

I worked at Burger Chef on Post Rd. in Warwick, R.I. in 1968-1970. It is now the Rocky Point Chowder House.I remember so well the "Big Chef" and only wish I could have just one more...

Leo Horishny

I enjoyed going to Burger Chef as a kid in the early 70's. I don't know all the incarnations the one here in Reno, Nevada on Plumb Lane has had, but it is currently thriving as a local franchise called Super Burrito.

Chuck Rushin

We had a Burger Chef in Poplar Bluff MO at US67 & Pine St, until it was turned into a Hardees. At the time we only had Burger Chef, a Sonic Drive-In and A&W. I remember so well going to Burger Chef every Sunday after Church with my Mom & Grandmother, either getting a kid's meal (sometimes with those records that you had to put a penny on to play) or a Top Chef burger. I also remember they had an awesome Salad Bar! The original building is still there today, and still used as a Hardees, but the interior and exterior have undergone renovations since the Burger Chef days. Too bad Hardees doesnt bring back the old Burger Chef burgers again, like they did a few years ago, but I guess they cant overcharge for them too much like they do those horrible "thickburgers".

James Carson

We had a Burger Chef in Amelia , Ohio (that is about 25 miles east of Cincinnati). It was located at the corner of West Ohio Pike(st. rt. 125) & Bach-Buxton Rds. It became a Hardees and has now been leveled and a Valvoline Quick Lube is being built on the original site.
I remember as a child, my mother, my brother and I would go to Burger Chef to have lunch with my Grandmother who worked as a Mail Carrier. I have fond childhood memories of Burger Chef. It was my favorite fast food resturant when i was young.
I also have a Original Salt shaker from that resturant with the original salt in it. It even still has the little sticker that the new shakers have on the top of them. It sits in my Curio cabinet as i speak.

Andy Hajny

I was born in Springfield Ohio, and in the 1960's, we lived 2 blocks from a Burger Chef located on South Limestone St. My fondest memories about BC involves the Star Wars Cke posters and the hamburger fixins' bar! Oh, you could put as much lettuce, pickle, tomato, mayo, or whatever else you wanted! I always got 2 burgers plain, and then went-to-town on them!

Tony Lamanna

Couple of old Burger Chefs here in Albuquerque NM. First is on Central Ave , just east of Rio Grande (now a Chinese restaurant). Still has the old seats inside. Second is on Eubank, south of Menaul. It's the Cosmo II style. Third that is still standing is on Central Ave SE, and is right across from the State Fairgrounds.

R. McClintock

Burger Chef
NE Corner 25th/Wabash Av
Terre Haute Indiana
Still a Hardees
Build your own bar ..Great

Steven Carry

There was a Burger Chef at E.Blithedale and Camino Alto in Mill Valley,California built new in 1972 when the intersection was changed from two lane roads to 6-8 and a signal replaced the stop sign. The store only lasted a few years and became a Der Wienerschnitzel for a few more and is now a Giro Poli Rotisserie Chicken place.

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