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September 10, 2005



I just wanted to say this is a really cool site. I work at schroeder's Drive-In, in Danville Illinois and I just wanted to say this is a really cool thing you did!!

Dave Constant

i am not sure what has happened to the burgers but i have eaten there several times this year and they do not seem to be as good as they used to be. Not sure if a cheaper meat is being used or what but i would be willing to pay more for a good burger.

Tuck Miller

Although I do not live in Danville at present, when ever I go home for a visit, I always stop by "Burger Chef" to get my favorite breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. Unbeatable!!

Just a few more years, will move back, and visit at least every two weeks or so.......

Bunkie McBride

I worked at Burger Chef for several years. As I recall, I started in 1965 and continued until I left Danville in 1970. Even then, when I returned for extended vacation time I would go back and work the lunch shift "just for fun".

I still visit when in town and speak with Butch and Larry until Larry retired a few years ago. Butch is genuinely interested in his past employees and their success stories in life. He takes pride that his father, Henry, and he helped shape many young people into a better person than they were before they worked at BC.

What did I learn? You NEVER turn your back on the front line because a customer needs to feel welcome when they arrive; you NEVER stop cleaning no matter how clean things are; you NEVER serve an inferior product for any reason; you show up for work as scheduled or call in; "If you have time to lean, you have time to clean". To this day, I still use what I learned at BC as a measuring stick for other business experiences, and I can honestly say that not many can compare to the "standards" I had instilled in me by Henry, Butch and Larry over the years.

Bunkie McBride
Previous employye & night Manager.

Myron Foster

One of the best Burger drive ins around. The original owners would be proud at the standard of cleanliness of both the personel and the establishment. I go to Schroeders two to three times a week and always come away satisfied! As long as the standards they have set are followed I will be a regular customer.

Jeff Gossett

I stopped by Schroeder’s last night and bought a bag of double cheeseburgers. I had one for breakfast and I'll have one for lunch and do the same for the rest of the week. I loved the old Burger Chefs and Schroeder’s is a doorway to the past. Keep up the good work!

Jerry M. Sorenson

Try Their Super Deluxe Burger; you won't be sorry, it is one of many tasty items on the menu......

Nancy( Schroeder)Stahl

It's so nice to see all these great comments.I am very proud of what my father accomplished at this store.I worked there for approximately 25 yrs.and come next week,I'm going back to help with the 50year celebration,along with some of the other "old"employees.Looking forward to the opportunity.

Sarah Schroeder

I am very proud of my grandfather and father...they have accomplished so much!!! Just like my Aunt nancy said in the above comment...GREAT memories!!! ALL the credit goes to my grandpa and dad!!!!

Troy Smith

You should be proud, Sarah! I am headed over from Decatur tomorrow to finally eat at Schroeder's. I think it is great that they have embraced their Burger Chef heritage and have maintained such a great reputation all these years!

Misty Huff Walker

It's all in the family. . . Schroeders was my first place to work in 1982, my nephews fist job he started 2011 and now my daughters works there in 2012. Consider a family tradition for the Huff's.

Great memories for all of us :)

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