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July 03, 2005



I swear the girl employee is the same "GUM" girl from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.


This is a bit after the fact I know, but I'm only just discovering the site. I wanted to point out that this couldn't have been the first tie in promo. Burger Chef did a promo with the Dino de Laurentis produced remake of King Kong (they offered collectible glasses) which was released in 1976, a year prior to Star Wars.

Kudos on an excellent site! This really takes me back.


Thanks D.S.~ You're right, the King Kong glass promotion occurred in April of 1976... a year prior to the Star Wars poster tie-in.


A huckster-type comic book dealer I knew then made some shady deal with a local Burger Chef manager and bought basically the whole supply for one store in MI and resold them at comic conventions. Fans swarmed him, and this was 1977-ish, long before the movie became geek legend.

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