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July 02, 2005



I have 1of 4 and 4 of 4 of these posters...off hand anyone know what there worth?

Rowdy Theologian

You can usually find the set of all four posters in mint condition on EBay for between $18-$25. Since they were given away for free across the country, they're not terribly hard to find.

Kelly Swart

I have all four. Wish they were worth more, but its fun to have them!

sandra powell

I have 1 or 4. What is it worht today, 2010......


I just found the entire set in a box. I forgot all about them until my mom cleaned out the attic. What are they worth?


they are common. a friend bought a huge shipment once and was at one point selling them for as low as 1 cent each.


I have about 25 full sets of these posters. I have several that are signed by the characters as they traveled to our local Burger Chef promoting the movie. Rick

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