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Sounds good on paper, but will it sell? He's not an exciting pick (although more so than Lieberman). I admit I don't really know what I'm talking about, but does Sam have the Southern Identity? I've heard of him, but didn't know he was from Georgia. Plus, I'm not convinced that Dems have to pander to the South to win. They'll already get the Southern Black Vote. And I don't see McCain getting a true Southern Conservative to join him on his ticket that the Dems will need to counter.

I don't have any better suggestions, though. Joe Biden has even less of a chance than Hillary, with his "articulate black candidate" comment.

It shouldn't come as any surprise to find Georgians elected a conservative Democrat to the senate. For decades after the end of Reconstruction, Georgia, like the rest of the former Confederacy, was a single party state with the party being based on white supremacy. Nunn was a racial moderate but within the accepted limits of white southern discourse.

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