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The irregularities the Clinton Camp cried foul about, to my knowledge, was locking people out, and not merely signing people in early. I don't know if blaming Obama, or his supporters, for the problems is an "outrage" but it smacks of hypocrisy.

I'm so glad that you wrote about your experience because 1) I didn't know how caucuses work, and 2) it confirms my theory that caucuses are really, really stupid ways to vote for a candidate. The whole nomination process seems stupid and overly complicated, but caucuses especially seem counter-intuitive to getting "the will of the people".

As for your problems with Clinton, I share them, but those misgivings aren't pushing me to support Obama. Something I can't quite put my finger on is preventing me making that shift. Maybe I'll vote for Nader again if he gets on my state's ballot. My state is going Republican, anyway.

CBK: What I meant to say was for Clinton to blame Obama for wrongdoing and attempting to remain blameless is an outrage. Both camps had their share of lock-outs and packet stealing.
After my experience with the caucus system I too was ready to write it off as farce. One very old lady volunteer I met at the County Party office said she voted, but she didn't caucus because she couldn't drive at night. That's plainly unfair.
But I got to thinking this afternoon how the convention introduced me to 136 active Democrats in my very Republican neighborhood. We had hours to mingle and make friends, swap numbers; in that sense I think it's a rare opportunity in this modern age of civic-anonymity to meet the neighbors and build community. That said, the system needs tremendous overhaul. I'd say that the caucus should be held the Saturday morning after the primary election so you wouldn't have people waiting indefinately for the polls to close (some precints didn't close till midnight!) Folks could plan in advance to participate Saturday morning. I know there's many people who work weekends, so there ought to be a proxy system in place for them.
So, despite the chaos I encountered I wouldn't scrap the caucus altogether, but it's due for a major overhaul.

I found the caucus experience really unnerving. I think most of us were unaware of how the process worked. I looked it up prior to the caucus, but still...The newspaper and town office advertised different times for the caucus, and unlike past caucuses where only a dozen or less people showed up, this one had over 50. They had to lock the door at one point, which enraged some people who didn't realize that a caucus wasn't like just showing up to vote. Still, the numbers were hopeful. It means people are outraged and want change.

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