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Do you, or anyone else, know when they closed? Do you know any other history about them? I remember going to one when I was a kid visiting my God Parents (late 60's & early 70's). I think the one I went to was near the 'Dual Highway'.


Yes, Hagerstown had 2 Burger chefs. One was on Pennsylvania ave (there is a pizza place at this lacation now.)This burger chef was the first fast food rest. in hagerstown.
I ate my first fish sandwich here. I think I ate a burger chef fish every week for years, they were the best fish sandwiches i've ever ate. The other Burger chef was at the intersection of halfway blvd and Virginia ave. There is a auto parts store at this location now.
I don't know exzctly when they closed , but I do know they were still open in the middle eighties. I still crave those fish sandwiches.

Bill Ore

A guy I had worked with in Virginia, Bob Bryant, was a supervisor for corporate in that area around 72 or 73. I remember him telling me about Hagerstown. As I remember, both stores were owned by the same franchisee. Bob said he was a really nice guy and a good businessman.

S Wolfe

Burger Chef on Virginia Ave closed in 91/92. I was one of the lone workers their. At the time of closing it was owned by Merle Rice. He also owned the once restraurant Tasty Freeze in the West end of Hagerstown. Many fond memories and great friends made at Burger Chef. Was my first job.

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